RiskCo Ltd., the only regional independent network of Risk Management services and insurances.

RiskCo Ltd. is the principal latinoamerical Insurance Brokers Network that operates in differents Latinamerican countries, where we combine experience, professionalism, products and services from the most successful and respected independent Brokers in the region, in risk management, insurance and employees benefits.

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One of the main competitive RiskCo Ltd. advantages stems from the profound understanding each partner has about his country; knowledge about Legislation, Security and Hygiene, Mandatory Insurances and of the most professional and solvent insurance markets, offering added value to their clients, unusual in this activity. Due to their decades in international risk administration companies, RiskCo Ltd. Members are highly qualified to offer a complete service with the best solutions for each specific client.

In a market controlled by a small group of megabrokers, RiskCo Ltd. is one of the very few alternatives which aims to client’s needs, wishes and preferences, supplying personal service.

Trust your company’s future into the most experienced professionals in risk management and insurance advise.


RiskCo Ltd. specialize in providing insurance solutions to regional business

Globalization, legislation changes, political and economical realities and new technologies make risks more complex. RiskCo Ltd. presents many possibilities, from conventional contractual and extracontractual all risk and liability programs, until sophisticated covers adapted to each particular need. We deal with complex regional and international issues daily, coordinating and producing risks reports to our clients about their abroad assets and interests.

Our personnel is composed by highly well-known professionals who find the best terms and conditions in each particular market. Regional programs are tailor-made to provide specific protection levels for Headquarters, its Branches and its Subsidiaries. From simple Master and Umbrella Programs, until complex risk financing structures.

RiskCo Ltd. Client Division gives easier and clearer solutions, supplying complete reports in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, that keeps our client locally and internationally updated.


Labour relations that really work


It's of main importance for RiskCo Ltd. to keep a fluid, precise and efficent communication with our clients.


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